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  1. Billy
    Billy at |

    This is great. I’m glad to read this and want to find more on this subject specifically the how-to. UI is qualitative and subjective and ethereal. What kind of quantitative things can we start to do that will show #’s? Metrics like cohort analytics and other engagement and retention diagnostics come to mind as a first step to measure success and opportunity. Yet what other things can we begin to move as away from pixel-pushing interfaces and into decision-making experiences?

    1. Lis Hubert
      Lis Hubert at |

      Thanks Billy! Glad you found value in this. I think understand key overall business metics overall for your company is a start (i.e. customer satisfaction is always a big one). Then undersand specifically how those metrics are measured and who in the company uses those metrics for their decision making. From this point I think you can begin to break these metrics down to a point where can brainstorm ways that your work feeds into them. But before you can do that you have to know what is being measured overall, why it’s being measured and who uses it. 


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