I’ve had the opportunity to contribute my thoughts on this and on other websites. I’ve included example links below to give you a better idea of what I’m saying and where I’m saying it!

“What an eye opener, holy cow! You should consider writing a book about this issue, because I bet a lot of us are feeling a divide in our brains with SO MUCH information about how things should supposedly be.”
~ Media Temple Reader comment

Keeping It Real About UX Blog

Keeping It Real About UX Blog
This blog is really what started it all for me. I started Keeping It Real About UX back in 2007 to share my thoughts and observations about my work and the industry I work in with the rest of the community (and anyone who would listen, really). After years of consistently posting new ideas and topics, I found I wasn’t able to keep up with it as I once did. That’s ok though, because I still put new thoughts there now and again. Even better, I keep the older thoughts around in case you missed them!
Recent Pieces:
Why Designing for Customer Intentions is the Future of Business
Customer Intentions vs Jobs To Be Done
Putting Customer Intentions to Use

Other Places Where I Write

The Pastry Box Project
The Pastry Box Project has invited me to contribute each month! From the site: “The Pastry Box is a collaborative blog which publishes one new post every day from bright minds shaping the web. The project is an incubator for ideas about the evolution of our connected world, as well as the many issues it’s raising.”
Recent Pieces:
Making the Right Choice
My Journey into Acceptance
A Little Nugget of Magic

Medium has become the place I share my more random musings.
Recent Pieces:
Dare I?
Setting It Aside
Guess I Better Let Go

The Human in the Machine
From the site: “A publication in which bright minds talk about productivity”
My Secret to Sustainable Productivity

Media Temple Blog
Since Media Temple began in 1998, they’ve been on a mission to help web developers, designers, digital entrepreneurs, and innovators bring their ideas to life online. Early on in 2014, they asked me to contribute to their blog. Here I write about both bridging the work/life gap of the creative, as well as, overcoming the plight of the creative entrepreneur.
Recent Pieces:
Keeping Creative Passions Alive: How to Bridge the Work/Life Gap of the Creative
Is Your Pricing Model Working For You?
Charge What You’re Worth!

UX Matters
Founded by Pabini Gabriel-Petit in 2005, UXmatters provides insights and inspiration to both professionals working in all aspects of user experience (UX)—at every stage in their career—and students who are just beginning their journey in user experience.
Recent Pieces:
Storymapping: A MacGyver Approach to Content Strategy, Part 3
Storymapping: A MacGyver Approach to Content Strategy, Part 2
Storymapping: A MacGyver Approach to Content Strategy, Part 1

UXmas is a digital advent calendar for user experience designers.
Recent Pieces:
The World that UX is Helping Create
My 2013 UXmas Wishlist

UX Magazine
UX Magazine is a site that promises to deliver a central place to discuss the critical disciplines that all enhance user experience. Here I write about ideas I think are crucial to the UX Community.
Recent Pieces:
The De-Evolution of UX Design
UX, It’s Time to Define CXO
Understand the Business Behind UX… It’s Your Job

Johnny Holland Magazine
Johnny originates from the need to have a place where creatives can talk and discuss in a normal, honest and pure way. Here I write a series entitled The UX Athlete where I make the connection between UX and Sports in order to demonstrate how we can all be better.
Recent Pieces:
Can Non-UXers Really Know UX?
Feedback Doesn’t Mean Failure
UX It’s Time to Reflect

UX Booth
UX Booth is a blog by and for the UX Community. Here I write about UX in more depth and share new ideas, concepts and processes.
UX Booth Articles

Vator.tv is a place for emerging companies to showcase and market themselves as well as share news. Here, I write about UX in an attempt to show companies the importance and relevance of the UX profession.
Vator.tv Articles