Below you’ll find a lit of the services I offer and my high-level process for partnering with you. If you want to hear more or have a specific request, I’d love to hear from you. Contact Me

Expert Review & Planning

Sometimes figuring out where the problem is IS the problem. My partners and I will review your current product or service with an eye towards business goals and user needs. We’ll prioritize the issues and provide clear steps for improvement.

Strategic Consulting + Implementation

Maybe you’re in need of developing your product’s vision or roadmap. Maybe you’re looking for assistance with user research, information architecture, and user experience design. Whatever help your digital product strategy and design needs, we can help every step of the way. Looking for more one on one product strategy consultation? Let’s talk.

Workshops + Training

Through a combination of face to face and remote sessions, my partners and I guide your team through learning and applying basic user-centered processes, using Design Thinking for innovation, or organizing the many ideas and resources you have into easy to follow strategic plans. Need something more specific? I also offer custom training sessions upon request.