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  1. debryc
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    Thanks for sharing, Chris! I’m very excited about my own journey now that I’ve decided as of a week ago to dive fully into UX design. If you have any great resources to share, please do!

  2. darrenhood
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    Glad to see someone making the transition. Great post. I’ll share with the people I’m helping with their career-related inquiries. UX-related degrees are more accessible these days. Even with the internship and any pro-bono work, I recommend seeking out a reputable program. It can only help.

  3. vickytnz
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    Out of curiosity is your internship paid or unpaid? One of the reasons a lot of people don’t do internships (especially if you’re a student already) is not having enough money to survive on nothing (or ‘transport costs’ as some places give).
    +1 for companies to give internships though.

    1. ccstair
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      Good point Vicky! I’m lucky that it’s paid, however, I still need to work for an alternate source of income.


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