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  1. Xavier Alexandre
    Xavier Alexandre at |

    Many business are happy to take ownership of their requirements when provided with clear directions from our part. For most projects, good facilitation during a kick-off or workshop seems to be enough.

    I’d love to experiment with having customers completing a Business Model Canvas or equivalent for their project (http://www.businessmodelgeneration.com/canvas).

    And then from that point working together on some kind of Product Canvas (http://www.romanpichler.com/blog/agile-product-innovation/the-product-canvas/)

    Business Model -> Their responsabilities
    Product Canvas -> Conjoint work

    1. Lis Hubert
      Lis Hubert at |

      Really cool ideas! I’ve worked with clients on completing the Business Model Canvas, but love the product canvas as a way to couple work. Thanks Xavier!

  2. Erik Flowers
    Erik Flowers at |

    The chief consumer of requirements is QA. They need to be functional requirements, which UX isn’t really suited for.
    PM’s write those as the rote requirements that devs build and then QA check off.
    Of course most web places don’t do real QA, at which point the requirements would then still have to be checked off by the developers, and they don’t consume UX style requirements. Which means the UX person would have to write them as a PM, and that’s outside the bounds of what a UX person should or can do.

    It’s a stretch. 

  3. Joe
    Joe at |

    Great post, Lis. I sure wish we’d had more folks sign up for my workshop way back when. Perhaps now is the time?

    1. Lis Hubert
      Lis Hubert at |

      I’m so glad you brought this up! I was sure I had talked to someone in depth about this before and I couldn’t remember… but now I do :-). Considering the responses that I’ve seen, now might be the perfect time. I’ll def bring it up!!

  4. Lis Hubert
    Lis Hubert at |

    so true Magga! I have also had this experience with client management teams inside agencies… they didn’t know to get the requirements from the client and looked to me to provide them instead.

  5. Magga Dora
    Magga Dora at |

    Thank you for bringing this up, I have been wondering about this myself. 

    For those in the agency world, please read the above and replace ‘business’ with ‘client’. This issue becomes even more painfully obvious in that setting.

    :)Magga Dora


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