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  1. “Respect is Something You Need to Give” | Elisabeth Hubert

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    Lis, this is a great topic. Way relevant.nnI can’t help but think of parallels between your article and my experiences in marriage and parenting. (Hold your comments about wearing pants, twirps.) Respect, as I see it, is like a string. You can pull it, but you can’t push it. I can’t force my kids or wife to respect me, but they do. And they do only when they’re drawn (pulled) to me words and actions that line up with my pronounced ideals, promises and boundaries. nnIn design, I’ve gained respect by being the prick, in a sense. The guy who asks “those questions”. I’ve lost jobs (at least one) because my perceived role wasn’t in line with the intended (yes-sir-right-away-sir-anything-you-say-sir) role. Not with attitude. Just asking for clarification and trying to point to the potential time and money hemorrhage without an answer to “those questions”.nnI say respect flows when you’ve become the person that has earned the right to say “I told you so” but don’t.Having said all that, not everyone gives respect when it’s deserved.

    1. Lis Hubert
      Lis Hubert at |

      Great points Danny! I love the parallels you’ve drawn. You are right in saying that not everyone gives respect when it’s deserved, but that is a different topic all together. Meaning how do you treat people how to treat you as a person and as a professional and be your own brand? Great thoughts!!

    2. Cody Rapley
      Cody Rapley at |

      Nice analogy to the ‘string’, I know designers, especially ones newer to the scene might adopt a ‘yes sir’ attitude. However as a designer it is our goal to build quality and informed solutions, if you are taking ‘design orders’ from anyone else than yourself (..or maybe another designer), then you are not fixing problems, you are part of it.


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