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    […] environments ever more tensioned and strained. By not working in a realm of fact, we forget that UX is All About the Benjamins, and destroy our effectiveness inside […]

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    The easy way to respond to this cutting corners knee-jerk client response is “ugh.” I’ve been having similar issues, which involve conversations like these:nnWe need to buy a few new fonts for this project.n”Why can’t you use the ones we have?”n nWe need time for testing.n”I’m sure it’ll work just fine without testing.”nnGenerally, they “don’t get it,” so we need to plan for that. Education in initial planning stages is key. Unfortunately, as budgets have become tighter (they really haven’t, they’re just protecting their year-end bonuses), we really need to outline every detail and connect it to how it will effect ROI. It’s a shame that the trust level of employees has gone down with the economy, but as I’ve said to co-workers all the way up the food chain… “Why do you employ me? Just to fill a seat, or for my expertise?” nnI think it’s funny that they are happy to throw money at bad ideas that cause problems instead of spending money on solutions that create results.

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      Great points indeed!

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