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  1. Reason why your develop hates you #7 | Elisabeth Hubert

    […] after the game is over. 3. You don’t really know what I do and don’t take the time to care. 4. We don’t like when you change your mind… especially when we don’t hear about it. 5. We don’t like when you make us do work. 6. You’re not learning anything about this […]

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    The configuration of your workspace can go a long way to alleviate these communication issues. It wasn’t that long ago when I hated the idea of team collocation, pods, bullpens, or what have you. I would proclaim, “I’m a designer! I need to be around other designers! We need to synergize!” As it turns out, I wasn’t completely wrong. We frequently rely on colleagues (whether you’re a designer or a developer) for sanity checks; to validate and enhance our work.

    However, since those days I’ve come to really appreciate project team collocation for the very reasons you outlined above. I can have my head down in code, but still occasionally tune in to conversations happening around me that might affect my work. If I can’t be privy to changes as they are happening, then I can at least rely on our daily 15-minute standup where we do a status round robin. And yes, sometimes those standups go long and we get into the weeds, but as long as we’re cognizant of it happening, we can control it… and we _usually_ solve problems right then and there.

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    These are brilliant. Keep it up!


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