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  1. Reasons why your developer hates you #6 | Elisabeth Hubert

    […] anything about this technology” I go back to a comment that Chris Avore made on the post for Reason #3. Check out the comment here. Chris’ basic point is that UXers should have some sort of […]

  2. Lis
    Lis at |

    I can’t agree more Chris! It is a concern when the UXers don’t have enough technical background and unfortunately I see it more often then not. There are few designers that I’ve worked with that aren’t intimidated by the technical conversations instead of looking at them as learning experiences.

  3. Chris
    Chris at |

    Good points; I would be really concerned if UX designers didn’t have enough technical background to understand even basic functionality or feasibility when they’re recommending solutions to clients.

    On really large scale projects, we usually have a technical resource on hand, if even she’s just checking her email until something arises, to make sure the UX team doesn’t write any checks that her team has to cash.

    UX is a team effort comprised, ideally, of dialogue between designers, developers, business stakeholders, customers, and marketing, to just name a few.

    To revert back to playing telephone or heaving specs/requirements over a tall brick wall is a disservice to the paying customer, the team charged with creating the product, and the UX practice as a whole.


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