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  1. Reason why your develop hates you #7 | Elisabeth Hubert

    […] requirements are unclear and incomplete and yet you expect a concrete answer to your question. 2. You bring us to the playing field after the game is over. 3. You don’t really know what I do and don’t take the time to care. 4. We don’t like when you […]

  2. Dustin Larimer
    Dustin Larimer at |

    Great points, all around! Lee’s response is also spot on, and you both used a word that I believe captures the entire concept: empathy. UX and Dev folks who feel they’re not involved enough in the conceptual stage simply haven’t yet made the case for why they should be. While I certainly believe the methods of problem-stating and problem-solving in the dev/signer’s toolkit can have an incredible impact on high-level business strategy, I can’t imagine there are many product managers out there who are willing to add “teach design team about business stuff” to their already manic to-do lists. Designers need to figure out how to apply the same user-centic research methods they call upon to understand their audience to now understand the stakeholders of their own projects and learn to speak in common terms to address the things that really matter. And of course there should be some reciprocation from the other side, but until you position yourself as a potential strategic partner you’re just pissing in the wind.


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