Wireframers & Strategists

I’ve found myself from time to time thinking about this pairing. In my UX career, I’ve found myself playing both roles, and love them each at times. To clarify, I’m using wireframers to mean IAs/IxDs that solve tactical, detailed problems and strategist those that deal with the overarching, conceptual issues. In smaller shops, or one woman shows it is easy enough to say that these two roles are one and the same. However, in larger companies this is often not true. These two roles are usually split, and I always think back to why. I’ve worked on the strategy side of things for big corporations and so I have a understanding from my point of view of why there is a split, but I would be interested in hearing more opinions from you. Please feel free to comment below, I think it may be interesting what different people say. Also feel free to note your current side of the fence so to speak. Thanks!