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  1. Todd O'Neill
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    OK, first off, didn’t know you had gone freelance. Congratulations and condolences. It can be a love it/hate it lifestyle but the love part outweighs the hate part.
    Working as an independent means you are, well, independent. I’d say if you like what you’re doing, stay. Or if it’s getting to be old hat develop another client relationship that is different work.
    I would also do some networking and talk with others like you who may be thinking some of the same things. It can be nice to know others are on the same journey.
    I’m not sure I could back “inside”. I don’t think I have the personality for it and have done it in the past becasue I thought I should. I like the fluidity and chaos of it. That keeps my good adrenaline flowing instead of stirring up the bile.
    Good luck and welcome to the “outside world”!


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