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    Thank you so much for attending the webinar last week. I am very excited that you got so much out of just a 90-minute session. If you have any examples that you can share (non-proprietary), I would love to feature you on my blog and website and link back to your blog in the text. If you are willing, send me a jpg of your idea map and a description…but no pressure.

    I’ll go ahead and answer Ray’s question about the difference between idea mapping and mind mapping. You’re right – not much. However, mind mapping is legislated but what’s called “The Laws of Mind Mapping”. Over the years many if not most of my clients were frustrated with feeling boxed in by what was supposed to be something that enhanced creativity.

    One of the most frustrating examples is that by definition in a truly pure mind map you can only have one single word per branch. In the real business world this doesn’t work. There are many times when the purpose of the map requires multiple words per branch as well as a clearly defined central topic — which also requires multiple words sometimes. Granted we want to keep it to as few words as possible, but the one-word-law needs to go.

    This is one of the differences…fyi.

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    Great post Lis. I’d love to see the idea map you came up with for the post. I missed the webinar but plan on downloading it when it’s available. I’m curious about the difference between an idea map and a mind map. Are they one and the same?


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