Hubert Experience Design is up and running!

Yesterday was the big day… I set up my doing business as name: Hubert Experience design. I reserved the name, got the federal tax ID and now I’m ready to rock (not that I wasn’t rocking before). It is such a great feeling to realize that I’m doing experience design for myself. Soon I’ll get some new business cards created, and will make some site updates but for now I’m trying to get everything else in order. There have been a ton of resources that I’ve been using along the way that I’d love to share here:

Runway Project

New Work City

All of my friends over at IxDA

I officially have a lot more information than I thought possible, but I’m always looking for more. If you have any resources to share I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. Prashant
    Prashant at |

    Hai Lis,

    Congratulations. I am happy to see that you have started “Hubert Experience design” Way to go?

    Wish you all the best.


  2. Ray DeLaPena
    Ray DeLaPena at |

    Congrats Lis!! I’ve been thinking about going the same route (did it for a year before my current full-time gig.) We’ll have to talk again soon. Been a while.
    I’ll be missing the next UX Book club (though I am finishing up Nudge) due to the SVA IxD Summer Program. It’s got me booked Tue-Thu for all of July. Talk soon.

    – Ray


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