The hard decisions

This week has presented me with one of those times in your careers where you know you are setting precedents for how you will handle certain situations from here on out. I was presented with an offer, a pretty good offer, however it was one that would require me to give up my independent status. The idea of doing so actually brought a physical reaction of dread to me. How was I going to give up an opportunity that would provide stability in order to “see” if working on my own would pan out? Of course, this is what being an independent worker is all about!
After talking with some veteran independents, I quickly realized that keeping my status wasn’t a hard decision at all. Working as a freelancer is something that my life is moving towards and now is fully invested in. I have confidence in my skills and abilities to be very successful in my new realm… which is quickly becoming not so new. I am grateful that in these hard times I have choices, but I’m also aware that we create our own fortune!