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    Liz, next Friday will begin my “Freelance” career. I’m probably going to head back to school but I may pick up some work along the way.

    It appears that your desire for a “job-in-an-office-that-has-an-aura-of-stability” is giving way to less concern about stability and more concern about ability to express yourself. You note that “my ideas and solutions have become much more creative and innovative,” and it appears to be due to the fact that you “don’t feel bogged down by politics and office drama.”

    I know for a fact that my creative expression exponentially increased the day I made a decision to move on. My wife constantly calls me a chatterbox and I’ve read more and written more in the past 2 months than I have in the past five years.

    What are the real trade-offs for you? I believe that that ability to exercise your intellect is far more profitable (in real dollars) than the possibility of trying to hold down an “in-the-office-job.” Certainly this is not for everyone, but from what I know of you, and even what I’ve observed in my own behavior, I think there’s a lot to what your sharing here.


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