Unemployed week 1…

I must admit that I never imagined that I would find myself in a position where I’m not working. Despite the obvious set backs, however, I’ve managed to keep a positive outlook on my situation. After being laid off I was of course immediately filled with shock and fear, but after a few hours I was filled with hope and promise. I was able to take a few days to think about the types of work and opportunities that I want to pursue and in doing so have really cleared my mind and brought focus into my life.
So from here on out it’s the job search struggle. And struggle it can be if you don’t take control of it! By the way has anyone ever thought about the experience of job searching and how it can be made easier or is it just me? I’m on the lookout for customer experience design positions and hopefully I’ll find something that is close to what I desire. Luckily NYC is full of networking opportunities and I FINALLY get to attend all the UX events that are hosted each month. Stay tuned for updates on what I find!

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  1. Lis
    Lis at |

    I’m pretty optimistic about it. Yep I’m looking for UX opportunities. I will for sure keep you posted!

  2. Reed
    Reed at |

    Yikes! One thing that will work in your advantage is the fact that IT jobs haven’t slowed nearly as bad as other professions. Hopefully the hiring freeze will end soon so you can get back into action. Instead of an architect position, I take it your looking for something more involved with UX? Keep me posted.


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