Starting fresh

After just a few weeks, and plenty of support, I find myself starting a new venture (new at least for me) into the world of freelance. It is a world that I have always wanted to explore and have thought about often, but was too scared to leave the comforts of a fulltime gig. Now it seems that I’m being escorted down the freelance path and I can say that it is something that I’m very excited about!
Now that a freelance opportunity has been presented to me, I find information about freelancing coming from all different places. In my networking ventures, almost everyone I’ve met has freelanced at some point in their career, several of them still freelancing full time. These colleagues have been integral in helping me make my decisions. I’m also finding resources such as Blellow and the Freelancer’s Union full of important and useful information.
So now I enjoy a week off from both working and work searching to reflect on my future endeavors and how best to enjoy this time. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on how it works out!!