Roomba week 1

Is the romance already gone? I must say that it’s not, but it’s fading. Does that mean that Roomba is not living up to my expectations… indeed he is. But honestly living in NYC there really just isn’t that much to vaccum. However I will note that my floors are MUCH more clean that before. I think I’ll end up using Roomba about 1 – 2 times a week. The one thing that I haven’t used yet are the little lighthouse features. I think I’m really just too lazy to set them up. What they are for those that haven’t experience Roomba bliss are little triangle looking things about three inches tall that you can set up to create boundaries for Roomba so that he stays in one room or ignores another. I find myself just closing the door and letting him be.

So this was not a romance such that I anticpiated, but I do still love the product and am happy with my purchase. It’s so great not to have to sweep the entire place all the time, even though it is small!