Roomba Day 1

I recently made a new purchase that I know will affect my life in many ways. I FINALLY bought a Roomba!!! This product has been all the buzz the past few years, and I got to see it in action during my stint in Texas. When I moved to NYC I vowed to get a Roomba of my own, and he arrived yesterday and is doing well :-). I have named my Roomba… get ready for it…. Roomba and am looking forward to our relationship together. I also wanted to take some time to blog about my experiences with this product, to get my point of view about such a widely talked about vacuum out there.

Having only had Roomba for a few hours, I can’t say that I’ve totally figured out all the features, but I will say that it’s not that hard to… which is a great thing! The first thing I noted was that Roomba came with a quick-start guide (a standard these days). What made this process stand out is that there was really no process. The guide basically said take Roomba out of the box and plug him in to charge. When he’s green hit the “Clean” button and you are on your way. And that was it. There was no assembling necessary, nothing really was necessary except insuring he was charged. Once the light turned green I hit “Clean” as instructed and that was that!

So, so far so good. Set up was simple for general cleaning. I did purchase the 560 model which has some more advanced features that I will putz around with the next couple days and report back with any findings!!