Why I love my dog

This is my dog Isabelle: Isabelle’s Picture.

Today I was relaxing a little after work (in all about five minutes before I thought about this post) and starting thinking about why I love this dog. I love Isabelle because, besides being very cute :), she’s consistent. I come home from work and she’s waiting at the door… everyday. I take my gym clothes out of my bag and she rolls in them… everyday. There are a few inconsistencies but all in all she’s on her game. Then I came to the realization that this is very similar to why I enjoy certain web experiences. I enjoy going to the North Carolina Tarheels’ site every Tuesday because I know there will be an interesting commentary from their writer and so on and so forth.

Now I realize that this is something very fundamental to what we all do, but I couldn’t help but get this one out. After living in a world that was consumed by our company’s overhaul of the website and knowing that this would negatively effect our users and being slightly annoyed that they didn’t understand our pain… I can’t help but blame them. They just wanted a little normalcy.