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  1. Dan
    Dan at |

    Sure, we have to realize our value. But we also have to recognize that we are not the only people contributing to business value and thus not the only people that should get paid for that increase in revenue. The manager that made the decision to hire the UX professional in the first place and gave him or her the mandate, the developer that implemented it and the QA that tested it all contributed to business value.

    I think we sometimes come across as a bit arrogant towards other competences. Actually, this makes others recognize our value less.

    1. Lis Hubert
      Lis Hubert at |

      Great points! I agree that at times we come across as a bit arrogant, my point is not to force your value but to realize what it is and is not. Your points, I think, help to explain that. Yes, we are not the only ones on the team to come up with the ideas, so that value do we bring? Asking ourselves these questions and reflecting on the answers will help, I think, to instill more confidence in all of us and help decrease the arrogance. 


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